Zhenia Tsarenko Dentist-Therapist

My mom is a dentist. In my childhood I was very fond of sitting with her, listening to her inspired stories about studying at the university and about how she learned to work. Therefore, the was no question for me about choosing a profession, although I wanted badly to enter a tourism school because of my desire to travel and travel a lot.

I would not say that my studies completely absorbed me, but I liked the dentistry subjects very much. I fell in love with my profession after the university, when I got into the “right hands”, or, more precisely, to the right place of work. I was completely charmed and “got bitten by the bug” of dentistry when I saw what kind of work can be done using modern technologies and knowledge obtained not from university books published as far back as the Soviet Union, but from high-quality foreign literature.

Development in my profession does not end with graduation, but only begins after. The main thing is to find motivation in yourself and others, strive for perfection and never stop.