Viktoria Galata Cosmeticologist, Aestheticist

I have always liked medicine, the nobility of this profession touches the soul, and sometimes causes a feeling of admiration. It all started with grandmother’s stories about the war. She was a nurse and tended the wounded every day. She managed to survive that tough time, seeing the gratitude and happiness on the faces of the people she saved. Since my childhood, I imagined myself in the place of my grandmother and after finishing school I realized that my vocation was to make people happy.

Health, youth and visual attractiveness are paramount for any person, at any age. Healthy, smooth skin gives a sense of self-confidence, wins the favour of others. All my efforts are aimed at helping the patient maintain health and good looks for many years. In my opinion, the genuine doctor cannot confine oneself to simple short-term solutions. We live in a wonderful time, modern achievements in medicine and cosmetology offer effective rejuvenating procedures designed to give people youth and energy not only in the present moment, but also in the long term. Caring for the body, we heal the soul, forming a positive perception of the person, readiness to develop oneself and to reach new levels in life.

DMC is the real clinic of the future. After all, the cooperation of experts in related disciplines, in particular the dentist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, therapist is really a new approach in anti-age medicine. Preventing age-related changes and slowing down the aging process is an all-in, most effective work incorporating all the biological parameters of the human body. When such specialists gather under the same roof, the result exceeds all expectations. The tool kit of the clinic has world brands of anti-age therapy, carefully collected together, unique products that have a beneficial effect on skin cells, preventing the aging of the human body.