A beautiful, healthy smile framed in white, even teeth is a dream of great many people. Although dental enamel is the strongest tissue of the human body, teeth and oral cavity require delicate and daily care.

For instance, bleeding gums, their changed shape and color may indicate that periodontitis or other disease has started and may result in the loss of teeth. For the first time, Plasmolifting method was applied in 2003 in maxillo-facial surgery and dentistry.
Autoplasma application (Plasmolifting method) in dentistry helps to achieve the following results:

  • faster processes of osseointegration (engraftment) of dental implants, lower risk of implant failure;
  • сure periodontitis;
  • fast relief to bleeding gums;
  • strengthening of periodontal membrane tissues, preventing teeth loosening and falling out;
  • compensation of the lost volumes of bone tissue;
  • faster rehabilitation upon oral surgery.