Olga Tuyzyukova Orthodontist

I knew for sure that I would be a dentist since my childhood. And it’s not surprising – my parents are dentists. I clearly remember how my father took me to his work, showed me round the clinic, and while he was working, I drew in his office of the hospital chief executive. It was in my parents’ clinic where I began to doctor.

Orthodontics carried me thousands of miles from my home and parents. I found myself actually only after meeting with exceptional doctors and people. I am infinitely grateful to them for the invaluable knowledge they have given me.

Patients often ask to correct the position of several teeth, wanting to correct the most obvious aesthetic issue and not suspecting that the true cause lies in the functional component. And this means that health in orthodontics is the first and most important criterion of beauty. Anatomic bite guarantees the intactness of teeth for long years of life. Orthodontic treatment is part of a comprehensive treatment with therapists, surgeons, orthopedists, cosmetologists, and sometimes with ENT doctors and plastic surgeons.

For me to work as an orthodontist is a hobby, not a daily routine. Every day there is something new: people, faces, smiles, questions, knowledge, situations, difficulties. My mission is an exclusive service for the client. I think that at the medial appointment a patient should feel cozy and comfortable, know that he/she is heard, listened to and understood, get answers to all questions in simple words.