Mariya Kucher Pediatric Dentist

I love children very much and I like communicating with them. I come from a medical family, my father is a surgeon and my mother is an endocrinologist. I’ve always wanted to be a pediatrician, but it happens that I enrolled in studying dentistry. With time, I came to pediatrics anyway.

Children are much more sincere than adults. They are sincerely joyful and thankful, they are natural all over to their fingertips. Sometimes you don’t understand whether an adult is happy or not, whether he or she likes or does not like your work. As a rule, the most difficult children are the most grateful.

It is always important for me to establish trust-based relations for a child to understand that I shall not cheat him or her and for a child not to feel betrayed. Where a child trusts you, he/she allows you to do more. I like addressing difficult situations, where from downright “no” we shift to friendship. Some children have been visiting me for ten years.

Children often call me a tooth fairy. Their smiles, liking, successes — those are things which I like in my work, they keep me motivated and inspire me to develop further.

A child is your reflection, a child does everything the way you do. My child is speaking at my intonation and by my phrases. A child shows what a parent you are, because he or she copies you till a certain age.

I’d like parents to understand: children are our best friends. Their actions lack malicious intent. If you dig deeper, you’ll always find a good cause underlying children’s deeds. Children are not programmed for evil. But nobody wants to get things straight. We often start to throw our weight around when raising a child. But it is not worth doing. A child is a separate state and a self-sufficient organism. He or she is worthy of support, consult him or her, and don’t forget to tell you love them.