Yekateryna Rizvanyuk Periodontologist

Starting with my 7th grade I had been dreaming of becoming a doctor, although there are no medical workers in my family. For a very long time I had been persuading my parents that my choice was the right one and I won. I would not say that someone gave me guidance or advice, it might be some insight from above and I decided that I wanted to treat people.

While a schoolgirl I finished a school of art, I am not bad in drawing and I go in for it even now. Aesthetics is close to me. It helps me to interpret light and shape in the course of restoration. I enjoy the process of my work and the outcome like artists enjoy their paintings.

It is very often the case that I sincerely don’t understand how people can live with the problems that forced them to visit me. Dental health has an impact on breathing, digestion. Social aspect is also involved. Since a beautiful smile means self-confidence, we often want to be greeted with a smile, but not everyone succeeds in this. To this end, dentists exist who can help you.

It seems to me that mutual understanding and support are important in any human relations. My patients’ sincere joy and gratitude, repeated visits — this inspires me most of all. Moreover, I don’t feel tired, I want to work further. It was a surprise for me to get to know that people in their forties and fifties do not brush their teeth correctly. They are not guilty, so, in my practice, I try to tell every patient how to do this. Not only to children, but also to adults.

Do you remember the movie “Ivan Vasylyievych changes his occupation”, where an awful image of dentist was presented? The sound of an operating rock drill and a stick tapping on the chair… A dentist is not a doctor causing pain. Those are myths of the Soviet dentistry and I would like to dispel them.