Denis Ilyin Dental Surgeon

I decided to become a dentist not following someone’s lead, but having made my own conscious choice based on my personal sensation. I saw more opportunities for self-actualization and constant evolution in this domain. I also thought to become a lawyer. I don’t like to perform a routine repetitive job day by day making no headway. I like to apply my knowledge and skills in practice.

Dentists are craftsmen. We mostly work with our hands and a little bit with our heads. Assiduity is important in a dentist’s profession, since we do meticulous manual work.

Confidence is the most important characteristic for me at work. Where a doctor and a patient are on friendly, confident terms, this means the work will be efficient. I never lie to my patients, I only tell the truth. You always should tell the truth. Not to promise a person that he or she will be beautiful and healthy all life long, not to guess what a patient would like to hear, but to tell what actually is happening to his or her body. Sincere gratitude and a smile will be your reward.

Unfortunately, a common myth goes that a visit to a dentist means always pain. I’d like to dispel it: it is not so at the present stage of medical progress. Yes, sometimes dentists have to be tough in some aspects, but this is for the benefit of patients only.

Great many people in our society are inclined to consumerism: they want to buy an expensive bag and footwear first, and only after that to spend money for health. We falsely assume that buying physical things we look after ourselves. Cleanliness and neatness, proper attitude to own health are nurtured since childhood, when parents teach us to keep a healthy lifestyle. This is their important assignment. Freud said that all problems originate from childhood and I agree with him in some points.

A healthy person – this is a feeling when you do not whimper that you have aches and pains all over. There are cases where a person comes and complains about an ache, you take tests, examinations, and he/she turns out to be absolutely healthy. The problem could exist in his/her mind.