Kirill Volynskyi Prosthodontist

A doctor should be humane and try to do good, rather than just deliver some services. We work with people and should do no harm to them, even where we can’t help. A doctor should be a responsible person, sympathize with a patient and empathize with his or her situation. I believe it to be right and this distinguishes a doctor from a medieval barber. A doctor is a person with a great heart.

It is important for me to be satisfied with my work. I am rather self-critical and I know myself whether all mandatory nuances have been complied with. A patient always pays attention to visual things only, to aesthetics.

To my regret, there is a popular belief that dentists are not doctors but a separate category of commercialization-oriented people. This is not true, we study the same basics as other doctors and sometimes our work is more complicated than the other job. A dentist’s room is not for preening one’s feathers, we talk primarily about health. Every dentist’s responsibility is to communicate to a patient and to teach him to pay attention to the condition of his or her teeth minimum twice a year, to visit us every six months at least with preventive purpose. Of course, teeth are not the same as hair and we do not always notice their changes.

My mother is a dentist and as early as in childhood I decided to follow her path. She has been treating entire families for many years, in fact, she has become their family doctor. I think those long-term relations are possible where you find a specialist you trust and feel comfortable with.

We often go for medical treatment when we begin to take care of ourselves. This is most often thanks to the upbringing, culture that was set up in childhood.