Anti-Аging Dentistry

Clinic Director Adassa Tsukerman:

Nowadays, there is a set of so called “anti-aging” dental services, which provide solutions to the problems of wrinkles, lip volume and cheek tone, thus, making your smile look “younger”.

Unfortunately, with aging you are less and less willing to demonstrate your smile. As it tends to age along with your body.

What does it mean?

Smile aging is a natural process. With age, your smile may lose attractiveness due to the change in enamel color, excessive tooth abrasion or even loss of teeth. With time, lips start to sag and lose elasticity. The bottom part of a face shrinks and hangs, as a result the upper teeth get less noticeable while you are talking or smiling. Loss of collagen and reduced muscular tone result in wrinkles around your mouth and lips.

It sounds woeful, doesn’t it? However, even having noticed some of the above changes, don’t surrender to despair. Dentistry is progressing, this means it is not so difficult to renew the youth of your smile!

So, how to renew the youth of your smile?

“Smile lifting” is an alternative to plastic surgery. An anti-aging procedure, which includes modifying your teeth by veneers therefore making your lips and cheeks look poutier, smoothing wrinkles on your face.

Without a scalpel, we achieve the effect similar to skin lifting of the lower third of the face. Veneers visually make the lower third of the face looking broader, as a result, generating the effect of lifting. The key point is to create extremely thin veneers to be fixed directly to the teeth and to preserve as much of the tooth structure as possible.

What does anti-aging start with?

Prior to starting the treatment, our specialists thoroughly examine the structure, health condition of teeth and face bow. Examining the face structure in a comprehensive manner, a doctor can choose the method of treatment which best suits you and enable eliminating age-related defects and improving your smile.

Harmony is as important in our job as in artists’ or sculptors’ works. That is why, it is very important to examine all the specific features of patient’s face to achieve the most natural smile. All factors are taken into consideration: face shape, teeth color, light refraction, age and skin color. A doctor identifies how the teeth contribute to or upset the total balance.

This process is a component of “aesthetic face simulation”. At this stage, we engage with a beautician. We have developed proprietary application methodology of blood plasma and use the best Swiss health care products to fix the outcome upon smile rejuvenation. All our methodologies are focused on creating a natural and harmonious smile.

It is very important to communicate to a patient the concept that the teeth support the lower third of the face and with time this support may disappear. Once the teeth are fixed up, face harmony may be restored and the effect will be more noticeable and durable than upon injections or cosmetic surgery.

If you begin to notice that less and less often you wish to smile, and reflection in the mirror more and more often reminds you of your age, don’t surrender to despair. Visit us and we will help you to return a white-toothed smile to your face. What can be better than smiling and spreading happiness!