Adassa Tsukerman Clinic Director

The path to founding my own dental clinic I have passed from the very beginning – from Chairside Assistant to Chief Medical Officer. I studied under perfect doctors, I had a good, proper schooling, and I am very thankful to my teachers.

But, from the very first day I have been dreaming of my own clinic.

I travelled and saw many foreign-based clinics. I was shocked and inspired by the high standard of services, doctors’ professionalism, specifying the smallest nuances and simultaneously applying the global integrated approach. Doctors of high-class dental clinics look at the teeth as a component of one, large system, rather than at a detached organ, and they approach treatment, correction, prevention accordingly.

This approach became fundamental for me, when DMC clinic was founded.

When we gathered in a team, professionalism and humanity were the key criteria for me. A doctor can’t exist separately from a person. He/she should feel for and sympathize with a patient. A doctor lacking these qualities is not a craftsman.

We gathered into a team of single-minded persons, people who like their occupation very much and like their patients.

We had to study a lot, to overcome our own barriers. However, I should say, nowadays we study even more.

The idea to develop anti-age dentistry was about to happen in our clinic from the very beginning. Since it is a dentist who best knows a face and all age processes in a facial skeleton. That is why we decided to work in this area.

With age, teeth grind, dental occlusion subsides resulting in decreased muscle tension, wrinkles appear, nasolabial furrows get deeper. All these processes result in smile aging. Our team build new smiles.

We employ only a personalized approach to patients. We take into account potential changes in the dentofacial joint, orthodontic problems, match color at maximum accuracy – in fact, this is also a big skill.  We adhere to the principle that your teeth should accentuate your appearance. Our task is natural beauty and face mobility.

One day I read that the soul does not get old and I agree completely. We try to help our clients to match their young souls and look natural.

Another very important area, on which our team focus huge attention, is prevention of dental problems.

Prevention should start in childhood. Parents should engrain healthy habits in their children. However, unfortunately, not all parents know how to do that.

We have generated an idea to develop an interesting training program for children where our doctors will address both children and parents. With a stronger focus even on parents.

Thanks to my family, I build absolutely different life priorities. And continue to work on, now, OUR dream. And, thanks to God, we will need to work on it a long way down the road!